Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Are Still Here!

I know many have thought I'd dropped off of the planet these past 9 months but I just wanted you to be comforted and know...


Not only are we still here but


Last July When Richard fell from our roof and landed on his head suffering a seizure and severe concussion, I thought we were finished. God had allowed us to sink to our lowest but I was completely wrong. He allowed us to be sifted and shifted off of our familiar ground far beyond I'd ever thought possible. He's shaken us to our core and we are still here. We are different, we bear the battle scars but we are better for it. God was good a year ago and He is still good today.

Last weekend my sister wanted to photograph our family. I hesitated at first because of the weight I've put on this past 9 months but then, it hit me. Why should I hide what we've been through? The Lord has allowed us to cross through some pretty big and might storms and I am not ashamed of how I've come through to the other side. The weight...well, just as our storms, it too shall pass. What really matters is the we are still here and who God has created us to be. We are the Waring family and I'm extremely blessed. So yes, I'd love to share our family with you. Hope you enjoy them as we do.

God has brought to light the important things in my life and shown me His ability to create something very beautiful from brokenness and ashes.

What a wonderful God we serve!

Thank You Jesus for all that You have brought us through!


Monday, October 25, 2010

An Amazing Testimony

This is an AMAZING testimony! It made me laugh, cry, and re-examine my life.

Here is the link if anyone would like to listen to it. It's VERY good!

Enjoy :))

(make sure you pause the music at the bottom of my blog first)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Way To Go Addison!!!

Addison ran a race yesterday and won second place for the girls.


Can we say EXHAUSTED?!! lol

She got a small medal and was very excited to wear it around her neck.

We are so proud of you!!!

Anyone Need A Balloon? LOL

Here is Bailey's birthday surprise from my foster daughter Peggy and her husband Richard.

They filled her van with balloons, wrote all over it, and filled each of the handles with vasaline (Lovely! LOL)

Way too funny!

What a good sister...Addi was cleaning off the handles for Bailey

Bailey said... "Mom, can you drive us and let me leave it here today?" I said...Ummm, NOPE!! LOL

What a great way to send her off this morning. :))

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Baby's All Grown Up :)

My baby is turning 18 tomorrow... it seems like only yesterday that I was meeting her for the very first time and afraid to hold her for fear I might drop her.

I thought I'd give a glimpse into the past 18 years

Days before Bailey was born. (Me, Michelle~ Bailey's birthmother & Richard)

Bailey's birth (we were all in attendance)

The first time I held her

The first time her daddy held her

The first time I fed afraid I'd drop her

First time Peggy (my foster daughter held her)

Bailey's adoption hearing ...When we became officially her Mom and Dad

Too tired for a bath

When she attended the Calvary Chapel Academy private school

At Addison's birth...First time she held her sister

Addison's adoption hearing...Asking the Judge if she was hers now.

Spending time with Addi's birth siblings, Tj and Tyler

Daddy's girls

On a trip with Bailey's birthmother, Michelle and birth sister Kathryn

Bailey and her birth sister Kathryn

Bailey loving on her sister Addison


Jr High

Cheerleading (she's in the middle,six from the left)

High School



Softball...Loving on Mom


Bonding with her new brother, Levi

Goofing with her sister Addi

Family fun with Bailey's birthfamily

Bonding with Kathryn, her birth sister

Spending time with her birthmother Michelle and sister Addi

School Dance

Brotherly lovin'

Levi's Adoption hearing when it became official that he was forever a Waring

First family photo with Bob our dog

First time meeting her birth father Will's awesome family... Wife Shay and birth sister Madison

Loving on her birth sister Madison

Spending time with Bailey's birth family ...Maddi, Addi, & Bailey

Birthfamily sleep over at our house. Birth siblings...Kathryn (bailey's), TJ & Tyler (addi's) & Madison (bailey's)...oh and our kids Addison, Bailey & Levi

Swimming with Bailey's birthfamily... Levi, Bailey, Addi & Maddi (Bailey's birthsibling)

Lifeguard during the summers

First time holding Heidern, (our grandbaby..who's also Levi's birthsibling) Also Reiko, (considered our daughter of the heart and she's also Levi's birthmother)

Shotgun shooting

Reiko and Gabby's wedding (Levi's birthfamily)


Spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Rothwell

Senior Trip to New York with her friend Mayshell

Mud Volleyball

And all grown up.... Senior Pictures :)

What a beautiful life to celebrate! We love you Bailey, you are such a joy and blessing in our lives and we thank the Lord for each day we've been honored to be called your parents.

Happy Birthday sweetheart...


Mom and Dad